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  1. Sweet build. Your Niagara is unsurpassed. I must get back to my Niagara build one day. Mind if I use your build log as an example? You Rock! as they say Ric
  2. Looking great. I have to check my build. I know that I used 3 planks up tp the sheer I see 2 wider planks. I hope I did not screw up. I will let you know. Great job so far Ric
  3. Jon - I just received the Kate Cory plans from the New Bedford Whaling Museum. They originated from the Old Dartmouth Historical Society. Mine are copies of copies and are hard to read in some places but very detailed I had difficulty getting the Cranes right but those plans were very clear and helped a lot.You need to send an email to: Kelly at NBWMStore@whalingmuseum.org cost is $49. Just thought it might help Ric
  4. I just found this build an what great work you are doing. I am IMPRESSED. and a bit jealous as well. I just started the Cutty Sark and I have a very old kit that is I believe 1976 vintage. I hope that all the parts are here. Very crude materials that are no doubt aging. It doesn't help that the plans are all in Italian and I have to try to translate each entry online. I would like to use your build log as my instructions and guidance (if you don't mind that is) Looking forward to your completion. Thanks Ric
  5. Cool. I live on the west coast Cape Coral. Maybe we could meet u sometime. I retired from the Air Force in 1988

    1. Ric Smith

      Ric Smith

      I have relegated my Niagara build to storage with several other builds in various states of completion. Decided that there are just so many years that one lives and as I am not a fast builder, and being 71 years old, I want to complete a build of the Cutty Sark 1/96 model from Sergal. It is a old kit pre 1980 vintage and is n ow on the ways, keel laid and all parts inventoried. I'll try to build a log

      Thanks and good luck on the Niagara



  6. I have.made them for years. Many years ago, my son married a wonderful girl from Boston and we gave a cigar style pen to all who attended. We were quite busy before that wedding making 300 plus pens. I swore I would never make another again, but I have
  7. You are moving right along with the ship. Nice job. I am still in NY and have tried my hand at scratch building a small row boat that came out quite handsome I think. Might do a build log. Not sure.
  8. Looks sweet ! I like the progress, I am at my daughters and decided to scratch build a small row boat as a way of easing my absence from the Niagara. You re making good progress
  9. I have the same kit that I got at an estate sale for a few dollars. Though I have completed some it is in dry dock waiting list as I now work on the Niagara by Model Shipways. Looks good to me.
  10. It surely is a complicated kit that’s for sure I wish I were at home to work on mine. I might be able to help Ric
  11. I plan to paint most if not all of the ship by hand for what I hope will be more realism ric
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