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  1. Your Bounty looks Great! Wonderful job and looking forward to your next build. Sorry to hear about your wife. I hope all is ok... Vic
  2. Thank all of you for taking time to answer my question. Vossiewulf, very helpful tip and thank you for the URL for Crown Timberyard. I want the best wood available for the hull of the San Ildefonso ( she is a large model and I want to showcase the hull planking) and cost is not a problem. Since you mentioned Swiss pear, I did some research and found that it might be a great fit for my model. Much nicer than what the kit provided and it appears to be a wood that is easier to work.
  3. I have just finished by first build (HMS Bounty - not perfect but learned a lot and will do better on this next build) and have started my second build the San Ildefonso. When planking the hull for the Bounty, I used the wood strips provided in the kit which were Saplli. It was difficult to bend the Saplli and the San Ildefonso kit also has Saplli for planking the hull. Is there a better wood for hull planking that is easier to bend but still has a good look? thanks for the help. Vic
  4. It took a lot of time and effort but my first build is completed. Looking forward to your completed build. I've got the bug so now that the Bounty is completed, I need to get my hands into another build. Looks like I am going to tackle the San Ildefonso.
  5. Great to see you back at your work bench. I am at the last stage of my Bounty. I'll attempt to send a picture in a few days... Vic
  6. Wefalck, Bob, Thank you both for the interesting information. Great methods! After reading your notes I am rethinking the use of grommets and leaning towards a more realistic approach. Thank you both for the help. Vic
  7. Ah, Just check the site. These are great but the smallest one has an outside diameter of 3.5mm. I need 2mm or less. I appreciate you for taking the time to look. Vic
  8. I have almost completed by build of the HMS Bounty. I am about to place the various staysails on the various stays but I don’t want to just place the rings through the sails to connect to the stay. What I would like to do is to use small grommets at the edge of the staysail and then place the rings through the grommets to the stay. However, I need help in locating very small metal grommets with an outside diameter of 2mm or less. I have hunted the various web sites for hobbies and outlet stores. There are millions of grommets available but the smallest I have been able to find are 3.175 mm. Any idea where I can find the extra small grommets? Thanks for any help, Vic
  9. Sjors, I found your build log. The reason I did not locate it when I first looked at the MSW "Quick-Find Indexes to Build Logs" is because it is spelled incorrectly as AN Ildefonso. You did a great build. After looking at your build log, I have decided to order the kit for my next build. I hope the kit offered by Age of Sail for the Occre kit OC15004 is the same kit you received from Spain. Thanks for the help. Vic
  10. Wayne, The link to the Ship Kit Database is back online. Thanks for the help. Vic
  11. Ioanniz, I have the San Ildfonso on my list for possible next build. It appears you are the only person with a build log for this fine ship. Are you still in the process of building her?
  12. The Ship Kit Database link is shown on the home page but when attempting to access the link nothing is returned from the link. Is the Ship Kit Database under revision or is it gone for good? Vic
  13. Leginseel, I am also building the HMS Bounty (Constructo 1:50). I am at the rigging stage. I built out each masts by sections (Lower, top and topgallant) which included the complete construction and placement of the Mast Top and I have installed each mast. I have just completed tying off the shrouds/deadeyes to the deadeyes on each channel but I have not tied the rat lines yet nor have I done anything to the top or topgallant shrouds but plan on doing so as my next step. I have ran a few of the standing lines but I stopped to review my way ahead with the rest of the standing lines and how the running lines connect. Each time I look at these drawings, I get more confused. Attempting to gather all the rigging information from the drawings. Constructor advised they provided step-by-step drawings (never have found step 1 or any other step) and all you have to do is follow them from beginning to end. Well I find that is easier to write but most difficult to follow. Once I get a better handle on what goes where and connects to what, I will restart my rigging… Vic

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