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Prince de Neufchatel by GrandpaPhil - FINISHED - 1/72 - from Chapelle Plans - Card

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The only drawback to the posterboard is that I am having to double it in order to build up to the 1mm thickness that Ab mentioned in his tutorial.  But, so far so good.


 I traced the deck camber from Zu Monfeld and enlarged it to make a template which I transferred to the bulkheads.


 I’m currently in the process of doubling the bulkheads below the main deck to gain more area to glue to.


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Thank you for the information.  I’ll remember that for next time.  There are several ships in his books that I would like to build.  Buying the plans in sheets would be very convenient.


 I never actually scanned these, I just traced them and enlarged the tracings.  This has been a highly educational project.  I’ve been learning a lot.


It’s been a lot of fun too, I’ve never built from scratch before.


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12 hours ago, Wallace said:

I have to take my hat off to you Phil, I am impressed with what you are doing. It looks like it is a very steep learning curve but hey, that's why we do it right?

Thank you!  Much appreciated!


I’ve definitely been learning a lot with this project!  


I’ve answered all of my own questions about rescaling plans and transferring from the books, just by doing it.

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10 hours ago, Omega1234 said:

Hi Phil


Talk about a ‘challenge’...this has it in spades!  No doubt you’re up to it; especially with the very promising start you’ve made already.


I’ll be following along for support and encouragement.


Have a great Christmas and New Year!






  Thank you and welcome aboard!


Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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Due to a minor issue resulting from the  placement of my templates on the poster board and the page split of the plans in the book, I had to cut the deck pieces between bulkheads 1 and 2 and remove about 3/16”.


I have the forward deck pieces and bulkheads permanently installed.  As soon as they finish drying I will pull the aft deck pieces and double them.



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WonWoToderfull start, you ade Phil!

To make it more stable, you can fill the spaces with balsa wood blocks, so you get a smouth durface for the planking. Or if you a dogmatic cardener you could lay light paper diagonally over the bulkheads and create the surface for the planking like in this way.

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