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What is the Ezelshoofd called?

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Not that I know of. Those Dutch caps are a bit tricky, as the aren't flat on the topside.

Most kits make them too narrow, they were quite wide. I'll check whether I can find some pics....


Found a pic on a Dutch forum, showing the cap on the main mast. About three times as wide as the topmasts thickness. tow groves for thet top-rope, and the front part attached wioth two bolts. This designs holds for almost all caps, although those on the topmasts and the flagpoles also may have an irons band to hold the mast in place, in stead of the wooden piece shown here. Startting from a square piece with the right height and thickness, rounding of the top-side may be the best (only?) option wou have making them. 




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You stated that you broke that part. How did you mange that? My ones are big thick cast heavy things.

The mamoli parts are very bad metal casts. I tried drilling the holes open (they were not open all the way through) and it snapped in two. 

Also they didn't really fit and look clunky. Because I can't find these dutch models with the rope grooves in it on any webshop so far, I might try and make them myself. Fingers crossed :) 

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