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good Saturday morning,


I recently purchased a combined 2" belt sander / circular sander combination.  There are no dust bags included.  Is there something around the home that would do the trick???  Cotton socks are too porous, I ripped up some old tee shirts and while they were better than nothing, they did not seem as efficient as the commercially made dust bags.


Any suggestions???


Chuck Aldrich (feeling great on this fine Saturday morning)

Chuck A.


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Most power tools with any dust handling provisions were designed to be used in combination with a shop vacuum cleaner. I do have a canvas bag on my spark plug cleaner but that bag also holds the blasting grit  without exhausting it out of the cleaner, kind of a closed loop system. Might take another look at the instructions for the dust handling feature.


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Does the tool have a fan that exhausts air from the port?

The manufacturer may have a site and post an IPL for the tool.

You could try to find a disposable bag for a vac cleaner that is small enough and 

has a opening close to the port in size and use a pipe clamp or a cable tie to hold it on.

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How abut a brown paper bag? Would that be any help?

Regards, Scott


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