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Boarding Rungs/entry ladder...best way to make them and space them out (edited by admin)

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Anything I find the slightest bit useful I add to a Favorites folder in IE. That's why I'm surprised I can't find it. I even have a vague recollection of the pix.  I was thinking maybe I need to review my books.


:rolleyes: All the time I've spent looking I probably could have made and installed them by now. However those pieces are one of those where if one or two are crooked it really looks bad. The technique that was described was foolproof.

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Think that Dashi used blue masking tape along each end of the treads and determined the desired spacing, picked a logical ending point on the upper hull then stepped off the desired spacing on one of the tapes from that, think her tape was perpendicular to the water line as were the treads so the other tape was stepped off so the top of the treads would be parallel to the water line.. She also marked the tape with prominent and highly visible lines using the stepped off spacing for the top of each tread. She used the tape for horizontal spacing and the lines on the tape to guide the placement of the top of the treads, it is in her log, there are photos and the results were exceptional. Think she used the top of the treads so the lines drawn on the tape and the top of tread would be a straight continuous line when all was in proper alignment..


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FYI - the plans call them "sea steps". Google searching for any of the names mentioned here did not turn up much.


Not sure, but the tape sounds like a reasonable idea. Should help with them all being parallel and evenly spaced.  I've already done the starboard by eye. It came out pretty good. Will try tape on the port.


Speaking of tape. After gluing a few to the hull, I realized that these things will be begging to get knocked off. Particularly in the stage of the build I am in. I'm hoping if I put some tape over them they will survive.

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Mike, I did mine (Endeavour) very early in the build and had no problems with them at all (WRT being knocked off) - I used PVA.  If well glued I think you will find they are quite robust, but they will remain prone to nicks and dents, especially on the edges, if care is not taken when laying the ship on it's side to do any work, or doing rough work near them.  The tape would help with that.





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Pat - the pieces are so thin I doused them with the runny CA in hopes of strengthening them. My problem is I have been using one of those foam stands so that I can easiliy roll the hull to one side. Of course that is almost instant death for the steps. I have an Amati stand I need to start using again. That should make for less opportunity to beat up the steps.

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