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What to use for Minwax cleanup?

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I'm not crazy about solvents but I don't think the water-cleanup wood stains are going to provide the finish I want. What would I need to cleanup brushes and whatnot when using Minwax stains (the yellow can ones)? Hopefully something which doesn't only come in a giant 2l bottle.


Everything on my extensive (plastic) modeling rack is acrylic/water base. I think I have every product that Vallejo has ever made. :)



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Hello Les here. I use a cleaning jar called silicoil. Just type it into google. It has an aluminum coil to drag your brush on to clean. Highly recommended. And for solvent based products such as minwax, use paint thinner or mineral spirits to clean. For lacquer based products, lacquer thinner. Soap and water will not clean solvent based products. Be aware that if you use water based products, do not use natural bristle brushes. They will flair out whilst drying. Best for all products is a polyester bristle brush. It can handle soap and water, paint thinner and lacquer thinner. Hopes this helps.

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Soap and water will not clean spirit based stains or paint by its self, you will have to wash the brush in mineral turps first then soap and water.

What happens is the turps breaks down the spirit stain or paint and the soap breaks down the turps, wash the brush in clean water, dry it off with a paper towel then put a small amount of soap on and run it through your fingers to keep the shape, let it dry.

When you wish to use it again just wash it in water and dry it off with a paper towel.


I always have two sets, one for spirit paints and stains and another set for water based paints.



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