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The long feet on the supports oppose the weight of the anchor, so they face forward, toward the bow.  To raise a yard, a smaller windlass would be proper, oriented with the feet pointing to the load.  The windlass in your pictures have feet pointing in both directions!

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The direction of the load should control the direction of the deck mounting configuration, the extension is there to resist rotation and a foot on the deck does better than one held by bolts. Also remember that a man can lift more than their own weight if they are in shape, when hanging from the bars there is only weight and if something lets go, flight, so the setup must be so the bars are lifted. It is the direction around the drum that controls where the seamen must stand to lift on the bars. If a dog is not trusted or fails the bars and deck could be used as a stopper, but only if the rig was orientated to allow for that and the load line was lead to the drum so the turns were in the proper direction. When any load is to be controlled, the direction of the forces must be thought through, one size never fits all..


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Thx Jud.... very helpfull. Am an engineer myself so I got it.... its the torsion force we want to stop...so the feet if are one sided have to be in the direction of the load. ie a yard needs the feet of the windlass towards the the mast which is infront of the windlass, towards the bow of the ship. That means in the row from bow backwards : bow-mast-windlas feet-windlass.

If I am correct thank you very much....

Chris thx again

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