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H.M.S VICTORY Middle gun deck plank

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Hello friend :)

Im about to start building the h.m.s victory of caldercraft :) but before doing anything i have some questions :) ,

Someone know how long need to be the planks of the deck of the Middle gun deck? I want to mark the lines before insalling the deck

Also beside the build log that i want to do in msw, if someone building that ship or going to build that model i will be more than happy yo make contact with that person by facebook or other media that we can chat online ,

Best regars


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Much longer than the 6 meter Mondfeld states :-)


As the butts need to respect the deck beams underneath - see their position in AOTS - and with a 3 butt-shift system one gets over 12 meter long planks in the middle of the deck!


Also as the deck beams do NOT have the same distances, the length of the planks varies quit a bit!


See here the lower deck of my Vic.




And if you wnt to be brave, do NOT use straight parallel planks as I did, use the curved ones as this is most possibly more contemporary.



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Deck planks will always start and finish on a deck beam.  These will not always have a uniform separation, so plank lengths will vary slightly.  For Victory, plank lengths of 6-7 metres would be typical.

Planks were laid in the 4-butt shift pattern.  This is shown in this picture, taken from Peter Goodwin’s “The Sailing Man of War”.




There are also detailed, if slightly idealised, drawings of each deck of Victory in Alec McGowan’s book.  The following is a detail of the middle gundeck, in which I have coloured one set of planks to show how it works.  You can see also that a typical plank length is a little less than the spacing between alternate gunports.




There is also a lot of information on this question in the thread


on this forum.

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Be cautious with the drawings of the planking at McKay´s and McGowan´s books!


Both of them show just simplified "mock-"planking, not respecting the beams underneath.


One can see butts on the level of then middle of coamings or companion ways. That is NOT correct, those ends would hang in mid air.


I marked all possible positions for butts with green lines. All butts in between are incorrect. Only on the green lines there are beams underneath to nail onto.


Also note the different distances of the beams, leading to different lengths of the planks. And with the correct spacing of the beams underneath the planks become much longer than shown in this picture.



HMS Victory McGowan 151.jpg

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And dafi's point is a very good reason not to merely plank on top of a false sub deck, at least without making sure you know where the beams are supposed to be underneath.  One of the less desirable results can be a plank with a butt in between two hatches, each length about two feet, but that's where the planking scheme called for a butt.

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