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Hello Les here. I have a question about the ships pumps for Cook's ship the HMB Endeavour. Models I have researched on line show the pumps just mounted on the deck full height. The Marquardt book shows them with only a portion showing above deck. Most of it below deck? Which would be correct?


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Les, I recommend having another look at that diagram.  Marquardt shows the overall pump and it is correct for an Elm Tree pump style.  All pumps went all the way down to the bilges.  What is shown below decks is the pump chamber/suction pipe (trunk).  the bit above deck is the exposed bit seen on almost all drawing s of ship using this design.  Sometimes they were on the upper/weather deck as for Endeavour, sometimes on the gun deck for multiple gun deck vessels, and sometimes a couple on one deck, and a couple on the other.


What is different with Marquardt's depiction is the height of the trunk (raising pipe as he calls it) protruding above the deck.  Whether the amount protruding that he shows is correct or not I cannot say, but the concept/style of pump is correct.  Also note the scale of the drawing as the height would be a little more than perhaps perceived at first glance; but it is depicted as a shorter exposed trunk than normally seen for this style of pump.





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