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Ga Geo Korean Ship by TopHog - Young Modeler - Scale 1:50

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I could not really decide on a build that I had wanted to do yet, so I brought this old model out of the closet. It is a small yet interesting ship.  The first picture is of the instructions and also shows a picture of the finished model. The other two pictures show that contents used in the construction of the boat. Sails are ready made and just require the addition of the battens. This should get me started again until I can decide on a bigger project (I need to visit my storage unit where I have a few model kits stashed). 



Instruction booklet.



Packages 1 & 2 containing parts and the sails.



Packages 3 & 4 containing small dowels and the stand.

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The History of the Ga-Geo Korean Ship


Ga-Geo Island belongs to Ga-Geo-Do Ri. "Do" means island in Korean, "Ri" is a geographical sector somewhat like a country. The areas are designated/named according to size Ri being the smallest area, next size up is Myeon then Guen, etc. Heuk-Sun Myeon, Shin-An Kun, South Jeon-Ra Province if Korea. Ga-Geo island consists of rocks of very unusual and fantastic shapes, covered with woods of silver magnolia trees 'Ga-Geo-Do' means: 'People Can Live'. The current name, SoHeuk-San Do, is derived from the time of the Japanese occupation of Korea (1910-1945) under Japanese Imperialism that name was presented on the marine charts of that time. Ga-Geo island was also the halfway point and a frequent port-of-call, for the commercial ships. At the beginning of trade between the two countries, China under the Dang Dynasty, and Korea in the time of the Shills Dynasty (57 B.C. - 935 A.D), Chung-Hae-Jin in the Wan-Do section of Korea. The Wan-Do section was established by Jang-Bo-Go in the second year of King Jin-Deoj's reign (A.D. 828) of the unified Shilla Dynasty. Ga-Geo island was used as a staging area by Hydeoshi's Imperial Army during the period 'Im-Jim Engagement' (1592-1598). 


The traditional Korean ship was called 'Meok-Sun' meaning 'Wooden Ship' by the local people during those times. Ga-Geo island is located in the extreme southwest corner of Korea so that very few of the Islanders venture to the mainland. Since the area lacked good farmland most of the people mad a living by fishing. The roll of these ships therefore was very vital to the local economy. These ships were also used to ferry people and trade goods back and forth to the mainland and to other neighboring islands. The hull planking was later added to increase seaworthiness and durability of the ship. 


The model ship in this kit is a historical restoration of the Ga-Geo Korean ship launched on the 24th of June 1997, that was researched by the National Marine Archaeological Museum in April 1996 and is on display in front of the Museum in Mokpo City, South Jeon-Ra Province, Korea.



Ga-Geo Island







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Hello Geoffrey,


And welcome back to the shipyard.


It's great you started this Korean Ship. Thanks for the history and the beautiful pictures.

It will be interesting to follow this one.


Good luck and happy modeling.


Take care,



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Started the build las night and continued to day. I have completed the bow section. This is made up of 8 sections glued up together like a sandwich. Also started putting the hull together.




Bow section photographed with a 5 cm scaling cube





Beginning of the hull.




Sorry for the poor photos in the post but I work from an ipad.

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Work continues to progress. The bow has been attached to the hull. The mast stays have been assembled and installed in the hull. Also the first plank has been installed on both sides.




The hull with the bow and mast stays installed.

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