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Just about ready to apply a finish to my mahogany planked hull. Current candidates teak oil, tung oil or wipe on matte poly urethane varnish. Wipe on poly not commonly available in U.K. Shops, although can get a tin on Amazon. Bit loathe to spend £14 to use as a test coat. Do you think a poly urethane varnish diluted with white spirits would give a good approximation for the real stuff. Should say the strakes have lightened quite a bit since the photo. As an ex chemist not too bothered about the odours although the dockyard failed a recent safety inspection by the Rear Admiral.


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Ian, This is all I could find but it's not a wipe on. Because I've already stained the strakes with coloured Danish need to be sure that any further coats don't make them gloss whilst hull is matte or even satin.

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Yup I looked this up a while back - wipe on poly is just diluted


I have succesfully used it a lot in the past.

I think I used 50 50 with white spirit but I will check.


And the satin mix dries satin and the matt - matt


BIG point is to not be idiotic and try diluting the water based stuff that is around a lot.  You get a solid mass of yuk - !!!

(For UK readers the Ronseal cans are virtually identical!!)

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I'm no chemist or finishing expert, but I would think if you tried to mix oil based anything with water the only thing you would get is a mess.




ps Or you can go traditional and use pure beeswax dissolved in turpentine.  Chop up the beeswax, cover in the turps and let it dissolve over a couple of days. Adjust the the mixture until you get a thick paste.  Wipe on a thin coat and then buff off.  Repeat as desired.  J.

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For clarity - I wasnt suggested anybody but me  would be stupid enough to mix oil and water - BUT the Ronseal tin - ( UK brand) was almost  identical for the two and i mixed without reading !


Oh and no SeventyNet  -

satin diluted gives satin finish

Matt diluted gives matt


I am sure that there are many other mixes but this is straight off the local DIY store shelves.

The ratio isnt critical  - I just checked and yes I used 50/50 any more spirit meant more coats needed with no apparent benefit

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