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NORDEN by Albuk - FINISHED - Billing Boats - First build

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(I will try to recreate my Norden build log)


This is my first build. When I opened the box everything from the list was inside.

The instructions are very basic for a beginners set.

On some boards, the laser didn't go all way through and some were bit warped which made me think of problems joining the two halves, later on.






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I decided to glue the two halves before planking. The wood glue that I'm using is setting so fast that I failed to align them perfectly. A little bit of sanding made my problem invisible. I also did some fairing of the bulkheads and got close to the scary part - fitting the bulwarks and hull planking.




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With the help of a steam iron and a couple of different sized ceramic mugs I have pre-bent the bulwarks in a matter of minutes. I was worried about the wood bending process, but it turned out to be easy. To glue the bulwarks, I first positioned them properly, trimmed them to size and then glued the stern half. After 20 minutes I glued the bow half. The glued bulwarks left a gap on the bow deck. I'll have to fill the gap somehow.





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Hull planking... It took a while to do it. I was planking both sides at the same time so that the hull wouldn't bend to one side as the planks dried. I should have started tapering the planks immediatly. Failing to do so led to some clinkering on the stern. I was bending the planks by soaking them in hot water for a minute and then shaping them with a help of a steam iron and ceramic mugs







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I glued the deck planks making shure that I had no glue spills as I wanted to stain it. I used CA to do it and it was quite difficult as the glue dries very quickly, resulting in some small gaps here and there. After sanding the deck to make it flush, I stained it with a wallnut stain. To make it look more realistic I sanded it a bit with a fine grit sand paper. Satin clear coat was used after that.



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Thank you for your kind words Mike. Here are the sails (finally).


First I tried to dye the sail cloth with black tea... It darkened it a bit and left stains which I kind of like because it made it look weathered. I drew the contours of the sails and before cutting the cloth, I painted the edges with diluted PVA so that I could cut the sails more easily. To make sewing easier (or that is what I thought) I glued the seams with CA which made the sewing machine unable to do its work until a sharper needle was used. You learn new things with every step... 




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Thank you Mike. I am quite happy with the result as most of the time I had no clue what I was doing :).


As for the CA on the sail, well... The seams look better but there is an added rigidity. It is easier to sew as you don't have to hold the edges (which is hard, given the scale and my skills) but you need a strong sewing machine and a very sharp needle. If you make a mistake you are left with gaping holes, as the cloth doesn't "heal" itself. So, Its a love and hate situation. I would have to try without CA to get a final opinion. Also, I don't know what will time do with the CA-cloth combination.


My next build... I had my eyes on Billings FD 10 Yawl. There used to be a nice gallery on the old MSW and would have made things much easier as Billings instructions are well... :huh:.




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superb job on her Alex.......so clean and neat........nice lines!   the time you spent on her is quite realistic.......took me five months to do the Cux........but it all equates to just how much time,  at any one sitting,  you can devote to the build.   you've built a very nice ship here......I'll look forward in seeing your next build!

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Thank you for your kind words Popeye. Your builds of the Cux and Mary Ann were very inspirational during my build. Unfortunately (or fortunately), my day job involves a lot of staring at computer monitors so my eyes end up very tired to be able to devote the time this beautiful hobby deserves.




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