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Fantastic finish on this model. Any ideas on how its done?

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Does anyone have any ideas what has been done here, particularly with the wonderful 'oak' below the waterline. Not just the wonderful coluor but the rough, weathered plank texture too. The model is of the Anne McKim built by Walter A Symonds in 1931 and is in the Addison Collection  http://www.pa59ers.com/library/Addison/ships.html

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Agreed. Looks more like copper. I used copper paint and then a heavy wash of green and then white on the hull of one of my Revell's 1/96 Constitution with excellent results. Sorry no photos. Very long time ago.


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Hello Rat-Fink-A-Booboo


Copper below the water line does'nt become green. It becomes more dark brown / nearly black. The green we know from roofs or old ships in a dry dock occurs when the copper is in the air.



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Copper below water turns dark brown from the algae and other sea critters that collect on it. Some sea critters can live on copper.  When the ship is hauled in for repairs, it is power washed back to green. 

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