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The last I heard through this forum a few months ago is that they are busy right now trying to meet the demand for their existing kits and don't have time and resources to release a new kit and the demands it would create. I am also waiting for this kits release.


I have posted a few pics of the kit prototype that was posted on a blog a few years ago showing the kit. Hope we hear some news about her soon. I think this will be a kit that will be definitely a must buy


Mike Draper

Whitehorse, Yukon






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I'm not sure it will be that expensive everywhere, because Krick (the German distributor? for Caldercraft) also lists HMS Diana at 739 Euro/630 GBP, while the same kit sells for 440 GBP (Cornwall Model Boats) to 500 GBP (Ship Wright Shop) from UK-based companies.  Similar differences exist for other kits as well.  So I'd say this kit's pricing is in line with Caldercraft's other kits.

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I have spoken to Jotika on a number occasions now regarding the Suprise when I have had queries with my Snake build and its pretty simple they are busy and have said the designs are ready for production but they dont have sufficient time to produce sufficient volumes to satisfy the market demand. I was told that a lot depended on a planned expansion of the business but I think that was gobbled up with the range of existing models marketed. I am sure it will be released sometime - its on my dream/wish list for one

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Thanks for the reply's everybody. I remember reading in a thread on the old site that someone at Caldercraft had said that it might be released Christmas 2012 and was curious if there was any new word. Oh well just keep on waiting...

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