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STS Leeuwin II by tallshiptragic - 1/250 scale - finished

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For 5 years I worked and sailed on the STS Leeuwin II as a permanent ships officer and during this time I began building a 1/56 scale scratch built model. This model is about 90% complete though lost momentum with work load and personal life. The crew I worked with knew and have seen the model I was building so when the then CEO of the Leeuwin foundation announced she was moving on, they all thought what a great leaving gift to have but a model. So with limited amount of time 1month I agreed and thought a small miniature would be ideal as a desktop display and easy enough to build in the time. The STS Leeuwin II is a purpose built barquentine launched in 1986 with sole funding by private West Australians as Western Australians first and only sail training vessel for our youth. Last year marked her 30th anniversary and she is still sailing strong. 


This model Del is long finished and while my first small scale miniature I was reasonably happy. Needless to say the CEO and crew were overly happy :) 

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Using the ships plans I have scaled down, I started by carving out the hull using Jelutong. Once I had the hull carved to shape I used plastruc wood simulated sheet for her decks - the simulated planks at 1mm - scale wise too large however for its purpose I think it was perfect. Again using plastic strip I built up the hulls gunwale and stem.




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Deck furniture and housings were made up with various plastic strip pieces and sanded down to shape. Rails on the bow and stern added with plastic melted sprue. The rigging was started with the standing rigging also. For this I used fine wire from insulated electrical wires. These are hair thin and using three strands wound with a hand drill to make up lengths of rope. The standing rigging on the real ship is all steal cable so this model is actually more accurate than my larger build in this respect. 





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Standing rigging added, it was time to place the model on her base. For this I used an mdf plaque board from an arts supply store. Forgot to mention this was always going to be a waterline model. For the water I used bathroom sikaflex with the help of a spatula to form the waves.



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The water was painted with a mixture of blues to represent the colour typical off the coast here in Fremantle. To show as much of the fine rigging, she was modeled at anchor so the sails would be furled. For these I used tissue paper soaked in watered down PVA glue.






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I added basic running rigging in the form of yard braces and halyards for the gaffs and she was complete :) together with a half hull model carved again out of jelutong the project was complete. I wouldn't say it's perfect but she came out great I think representing the ship I worked on and was a lot of fun to build also :)



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What a nice gesture and fitting gift for the Leeuwin Foundation CEO. I'm sure she'll really appreciate having your VERY nice model of the Leeuwin on her desk or wherever se'll be placing it.

That miniature model came out just fine, you can be pleased with the result.

Looking forward to see you finishing the Leeuwin II.



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