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Banned Kit?


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Ran across a kit by a company called Nidale.  Nice looking and very detailed but it looks like a Chinese made kit.  Checked the list of banned manufactures and couldn't find the name but thought it a good idea to ask if this is a legit company.

My advice and comments are always worth what you paid for them.

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Indeed it is.  Its just another scammer way of selling the brands we already know.  They change up names quite readily.   There really isnt a Nidale company.   Its once again just ZHL scamming under a new name as they do often.  See below.  They are used interchangeably.  I will add this new alias to the list.  Think of it like a distributor more than a MFG.  Even though they use these alias as a BRAND on many sites they are basically the same company.  As far as I can tell there are three actual companies that make kits and they are sold under countless names.  Its just a ploy as nobody believes there are 20+ individual ship model manufacturers in China with two or three new ones propping up every month.  We currently have 20 Chinese names on the list that all sell the same stuff listed as a Brand Name on EBAY or Aliexpress etc..




The other prevailing theory is that any shmo in China with a  laser cutter and other capabilities will steal the pirated kits of other chinese pirates.  This includes photos used on many websites.  It is so rampant that although you think you getting a pirated ZHL kit which is usually crappy unto itself, but instead you get an even crappier pirated version of the pirated ZHL kit.   You never know what you are getting til you open the box.  It is literally a crap - shoot!!!  LOL

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Brilliant. The pirates pirating off other pirates that.... on and on, like an infinite hall of mirrors! Hopefully they will soon disappear up their own collective fundus. 

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