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Which model? Need help


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Hi everyone!


im new to this forum and am interested in the opinions of the more experienced builders out there! I have read through countless forum posts regarding selecting a model for a relative beginner.


my only experience is with the on again/off again construction of a magazine subscription HMS victory that my dad got me when I was a teenager. So I'm just about to complete it after 18 years. There were very big breaks between intense construction periods..


the instructions were terrible and I had no idea what I was doing, so the model is pretty rough. I learnt a lot, and overcame problems by making it up or copying the (blurry) photos provided as best I could. I wish I had found this website earlier!


Anyway, regardless I really enjoyed the process and I am keen to get into this as a hobby and start out correctly this time around. My research has led me to a shortlist of my next projects as well as good books to read.


for my next projects I was looking at:


1. Lady Nelson (victory models) then after that the USS Syren (model ship ways) 


my reasoning is is that they tick the boxes as being warships, providing an increasing level of difficulty, have good reviews, have good instructions and there are plenty of build logs to reference in this forum.


however, as outsiders, I am also interested in the following models. I am wondering if anyone had any opinions on these? I am also open to any suggestions on models I haven't mentioned here.


HM Badger (Caldercraft)

Albatross (occre)

HM Pickle


Thanks in advance, I have attached a photo of my victory (be gentle!) to show my skill level. The rigging is almost complete now, this was taken a few months ago.



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I wouldn't knock yourself about your Victory, it looks a cracking job for your first vessel. I am pretty amazed that you have showed the determination to stick at it and get to this stage. Assuming that is a wooden plank on bulkhead kit then you have started with one of the hardest models available. The Lady Nelson could help iron out some skills and be completed more quickly but after the Victory it may prove to be under your skill level. Saying that, I have one myself, waiting to complete as a model between bigger projects.

The choice is yours but I think you could handle any of them kits.

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Thanks for the responses, the problem I have is there are too many models I want to build! After I get my skill levels to a much higher level I ultimately want to tackle another ship of the Line. I have my eye on either occra santisima Trinidad or the victory HMS vanguard (I am very interested in Nelson's history). I am thinking I'll tackle thePickle or the lady nelson next then move onto the USS stern as I think the detailed instructions that come with that kit will teach me a lot. 


In in your experience, which kit manufacturers have the best instructions for a beginner? Caldercraft, amanti, occre or model ship ways?

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Hi, it is a little more complicated than that. The Caldercraft / Jotika kits instructions vary depending on the age they were first manufactured. The Pickle has very good instructions but if you picked their Supply then you will find them poor. There is the odd discrepancy with either also which people here could help you avoid. The Victory kits look pretty good but not as thorough as the Pickle. The Lady Nelson is quite basic.

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Amati's Vanguard is is very high quality, good instructions but is quite demanding.  If you have two or three years to spend on it, the time  is well worthwhile. After (I think) four years I have almost finished,  You may find my build log in wooden ship kits forum if you're interested.


Good luck



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