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When did the use of beam arms begin?   The earliest drawing showing them that I could find is a detailed set of deck plans for Elizabeth 1706.   Drawings of the Lenox in the Restoration Warship which was from the late 17th century show no beam arms.   Goodwin's Sailing Man of War does not give any indication of when their use began.  Specific vessel that I have in mind is Antelope (50), 1703.  The only drawings of Antelope that I can find do not help.   



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 I have seen these in a bunch of plans and models. Originally I was wondering what type of mechanical or structural advantage they would provide give the added complexity. Then after looking at them for sometime I figured they probably allowed for a larger hatch opening to the lower decks.  I could be wrong. In any case for your question I’m not sure when they first were used. 

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Hi Allan;


Thanks for the info.  I will see if I can get a look at this once the plans archive is accessible again (it's shut at the moment while the storage area is re-built)


Concerning beam arms,  nothing I have been able to find is any earlier than your draught.  Everything from the Restoration era neither mentions nor shows beam arms. 


All the best,


Mark P

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