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  1. It has been very inspiring seeing this project progress. I definitely like small boats and don't think they are modeled enough. Looking forward to following along watching a master do his thing
  2. Fantastic progress Glenn. Very motivating to come here and see this coming together
  3. I have used Cases For Collectibles in the past for my small boats and they are very nice cases. I don’t know how they would work out for a very large case like you’re looking for. They have a lot of standard sizes but they also have make completely custom sizes as well.
  4. Outstanding description. It looks really good. I’m very glad that you went ahead and made these pieces yourself. Gives me some inspiration so when I get to that step I’ll try that as well
  5. I haven’t built very many kits however this is by far a superior kit to any that I have seen. Looking forward to your progress
  6. Glad you stuck with it. I say many of us started just like this. It is a far sight better than my first planking job on my Swift
  7. My wife gave me the Patriot and Anthem set for Christmas and I now need to grab a nice compressor. Would love to hear how this goes
  8. Welcome to MSW!!! As @Louie da fly mentioned above please start a build log as it really is a great way to get to know everyone and show your work and ask questions. I would also like to invite you to check out our Ohio modeling club. Shipwrights of Ohio (formally known as Shipwrights of Central Ohio) has its home base just north of Columbus. We meet the 3rd sat morning usually at the Westerville public library but as that is no longer an option in COVID-times we are holding zoom meetings instead. We have members from all over Ohio who participate. If interested you can pm me
  9. When I was building my kayak I thought that doing the epoxy was the easiest part. I was using 1/8 inch lint free rollers which I bought and cut in half and used a small rolling frame for. This was very easy to apply went on very quickly and I would do approximately 1/4 of the hull at a time. I then used a wide foam brush very very lightly dragged across the surface to break up any small bubbles which showed up. This was very easy to do. I did not sand in between coats. I let it dry for approximately one day and then apply the second coat directly on top of it. Overall I believe the bottom of t
  10. For the frieze on my pinnace I simply used a child’s glue stick. Worked great
  11. I am glad you have decided to ease back a little bit on the sweatshop labor. I would also vote for keeping the blocks versus the rope. Although as mentioned before in this thread I am surprised that you don’t increase your pricing. As someone said before you’re selling Lexus quality for Toyota prices. I’m not positive but you are super low prices may be contributing to the hoarding that is going on although you did mention someone bought $1200 worth of stuff recently. I think I mentioned it way back when you were getting out of the strip wood business I think you should really increase your pr
  12. Glad you and the family are doing better. Wonderful progress there. You have accomplished quite a bit since the last update
  13. I will happily follow along with this build. Cant wait to see what’s next
  14. Outstanding model. I very much enjoyed following along. I will definitely be referencing this as I start up my version
  15. This is really important. I work in the emergency department and ended up doing 85 hours overtime last month and am on course for another mid 80 something this month. This is due to having so many people dropping out for medical reasons. The more the medics can get some kind of protection the easier it is to staff safely so we can continue providing the excellent care our patients deserve.
  16. I have always liked this ship. Very similar to the Swan class but with a full quarter galley and the added interest of the fire mechanism
  17. I was wondering about aspen. I was recently at my local big box store and picked up a piece that is 48x3x1/4 inch and it is pure white with no real visible grain. Was thinking for deck planking with no complex curves or carving it may work out well. It is a bit soft but doesn’t seem to “fuzz” too much. Not sure about staining/painting but for less than 4$ it was worth a try.
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