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Mediaeval Cog found in River Issen

Louie da fly

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Has anybody else seen this?





It was discovered in 2012 and (I think) raised in 2016, but I never saw it. How did I manage to miss it?


So, we have another cog to study and learn from. Very exciting.



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Yup, seen that (at least: the message, not the actual ship :) )


There were quite a number of wrecks on that site. Archeologists think the harbor authorities of the date tried to build some kind of dam, in order to prevent further sanding of the river mouth. The wreck was not raised, as the current practice in archeology is to preserve 'in situ'. Raising of the wreck was necessary, as the current river authorities needed to widen and deepen the rivermouth (in order to give it more capacity in times of severe rain-fall.)


check this one: http://www.ijsselkogge.nl/  (partly in Dutch, but you sure can understand the pics)


And: the river is called IJssel :)



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Yes I have seen this already ( also the pictures,not the real ship )


And can you believe this : They even found a cog in "my backyard" . The village Doel is not far away from Verrebroek, Less than 10 km.

Great news then.
Great ideas and great plans for the future.
But now, no money to make them come true. But There are plans to start in 2023 

Hopefully they will ever do something with this ship, It is on my wish list as the next model to build.





Dutch    search for : "kogge in Doel" or "kogge van Doel"


Regards, Patrick


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