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The American Bermuda Sloop "Jamaica" by Miki - Radicevic - Scale 1:48 - First wooden ship build

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I have introduced my self on here . As I said before, after many years, finally I have found some time to enjoy ship model building. Since I'm new in this hobby, I have decided to start with The American Bermuda Sloop "Jamaica".


The Bermuda sloop is a type of fore-and-aft rigged sailing vessel developed on the islands of Bermuda in the 17th century. In its purest form, it is single-masted, though some ships with such rigging can be built with as many as three masts, which are also known as Schooners. Its original form had gaff rigging , but evolved to use what is now known as Bermuda rig, which had been used on smaller Bermudian boats since the early 17th century, making it the basis of nearly all modern sailing yachts. Although the Bermuda sloop is often described as a development of the narrower-beamed Jamaica sloop, which dates from the 1670s, the high, raked masts and triangular sails of the Bermuda rig are rooted in a tradition of Bermudian boat design dating from the earliest decades of the 17th century. (Taken from Wikipedia).


Here in Serbia, it is quite difficult to find brand name ship model kits, so I have contacted shipbuilder's association "Kormilo" from Kraljevo to buy a kit. Guys, Milos and Marko, has founded the association in 1998 and after many years, decided to make kit completes, so builders from Serbia can find enough material and instructions to enjoy this hobby.


Since I'm new and would like to improve my building ability, I will appreciate any comment from experienced builders. 




Before I started with a build, I have made building slip. I have improvised the toll using material that I have found at home.



The building slip gave me the ability to start the building with the right angle on all axes. I have checked whether all bulkheads fit the keel and after that, each one is glued.



Since this is my first wooden model build, I have added balsa support between three first and last bulkheads, which will make it planking easier for me. Also using the template from a ship plan I have made a deck and mount it on a hull.





So far so good. Next is planking. Hopefully, I'll be lucky enough to do it well.


Regards. M.


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  • 2 years later...

After more than 2 years, finally I came back to the project. I stop the building due to inability to work with two small kids. Now, they are a bit older and I can have some time for me and building this model.


So, two years ago I finished the hull and know I have started with planking. I found very useful tips inside modelshipworld tutorial so would like to recommend to anyone who starts its first build.




Following the instructions from the plans I place first to planks. The first one is aligned with the bulkhead number four. I tried to bend dry planks, but since I wasn't able to do that properly and to avoid braking them apart, I start get them wet and then bend them. After first two planks on the top of the hull, I cut, trim and place first planks on the bottom of the hull.



After that I line off the hull following the instructions from the tutorial on the link. I decide to split each side of the hull on three partitions.






Then, I started planking from top to the bottom.








That is for now.


Regards. M.



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Hey guys, thanks for following.



Some corrections have been done and from my personal opinion the planking looks much better. Since this is my first time doing planking, even if the hull will be double planked, I am practicing and learning during first planking so second one can be better.


After something like 11 mounted planks I found that there is some bad lines that following to bad and difficult finalization if correction is not performed. So, I decided to correct that and add one plank that will correct this bad lines and make straight one that will be easy to follow. Correction planks are shown on the following photos.



After that I added three planks and everything become much easier to do. Also, finally I figure out how to band planks on a proper way and how to define bending line so new plank fits perfectly with the neighbor one. After this three planks, another correction have been made. I found that very first plank at the bottom is not aligned with planks that are coming from the top of the hull. I is possible to do everything and correct it at the end by adding drop planks, but as I said before, this is learning process for me and I want to try as many techniques as I can so second planking is perfect. So I decided to correct this too, and after correction I got space for four instead of three planks. Also the hull and the lines will look much better after the correction. What have been corrected is shown on the following photo.


After that I added one more plank on both sides and everything fits perfectly. Couple of more planks and the hull will be finished.




I will continue and hopefully on the next post I will have photos of completed planking to share.


Regards. M. 

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22 minutes ago, grsjax said:

Is Radicevic a kit manufacture?

Yes, Radicevic is kit manufacturer. From my perspective the quality is very good. Keep in mind that I didn't have a chance to see another kit. I will take a couple of photos of all kit components and post here just for the reference. 


16 minutes ago, Jim Lad said:

Great to see that you've been able to start work on your model again.  You've made a good start.



Thanks John, I am giving my best to make greate model. 


Regards. M. 

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Hello I had some progress over the weekend and finally completed planking of bottom part of the hull. The progress is following.


Before the log I would like to present how the kit look like. 


As shown in the photo, the quality is good, and if we take into account number of plank material for first planking that left after I planked almost complete hull (very first group of planks on the above photo), it look like there is enough for almost two ships.




Once I added all planks but last, I found that if I leave it as shown on the following photo I will have two drop planks. So I decided to remove one that is already installed, make more space for the next-to-last, and then make the last one again.



After that I mounted next-to-last plank and then make a template for the last one by following procedure from the following photo. It is somehow similar but reverse procedure than explained here and it is useful for any plank.


After that I repeat same procedure on the other side and end up with planked hull. I also had some time to place planks on the hull rear side. I will need to add two more planks above all and to plank cabin. After that I will be ready to remove bulkhead ends and start deck planking. Lot of sanding will be needed before second planking of the hull, but it is good that I don't have any space between the planks, which is very good for the first time.




Regards. M.


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