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Hi guys I'm now building the occre diana but i cant find a colour scheme anywhere ,the one i really want to know is the color between the guns. Is it a sand colour or what i looked at humbrol colour s and tamiya i cant find it. Thanks any help would be nice.

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Try Admiralty Acrylic Paints sold by Cornwall Model Boats. They make a yellow ochre which may be what you are looking for. 



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That photo looks muted, like a matte compared to glossy. I agree yellow ochre.

Good luck

John Allen


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Prior to the mid 1800’s most colors were derived from pigments that occurred naturally in nature. Bright, vivid colors were rare and expensive.  For example, the bright colors found on the Vasa are believed to be a deliberate attempt by the king of Sweden to flaunt his wealth and even then they were used only on decorations.


Most ships would have been painted much more modestly using common pigments, the most common being dirt, or more specifically earth bearing iron ore.  Two common earth tone pigments were a dull red and a “dirty” yellow called yellow ochre.  This is still used as a basic artist’s color today so should be easy to find.  If it is too bright, try mixing it with a little grey to tone it down.


I wouldn’t worry about the colors on the kit’s box as this is more about marketing than historical correctness.



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In what stage of her life are you wanting to depict her? Paint schemes also varied for different periods. The picture looks more like an early period which is at odds with what looks like copper plating. If you want to have 'varnished' sides with a band of blue on the outer side of the bulwarks then the bottom of the hull (below the water line) would usually be white. If you want Nelson's period then the Yellow ochre band would be the width of the gun ports.


Of course there was always variations and a lot is down to what you personally want.

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Thanks thunder. I will be keeping the bottom a sapelli that's in the box it looks like a nice timber colour and the width of the gunports i will probably go the flesh colour. It's all good I'm trying the colours out on a seperate bit of timber cheers

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