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To those who responded to my previous inquiry regarding the rigging of the Confederacy, THANK YOU. In my research I came across some words relating to the mast

length and taper that I can't find and info on . HEAD FEET, HOUNDS, HEEL or BUTT, and CAP. Any help here again would be appreciated.

Tom Recker

Peoria, Az   

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As Frankie mentioned, can you provide any context?


'Head feet' seems to mean something with regard to pumps. 

Heel would be the end of something.  The heel of a mast would be stepped in the keel.

A butt is typically where the ends of two planks come together without scarphing or overlap.

On a mast it would seem to be the bottom end of some part.  Again, context would help.


A cap could be any number of things.  There are mast caps, such as this:






The definition I found for hounds is:


The part of the mast near the top platform where the lower shrouds are mounted. The reinforcing timbers at the top of the mainmast where the topmast is mounted





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On 3/17/2018 at 6:15 AM, tomr0638 said:

In the Nautical Research Journal it list the length of the mast for the Confederacy, what does "HEAD FEET" mean. Haven't been able to find it

in any books. Thanks 

Tom Recker 

What references do you have? There are some modern reprints of period shipbuilding and rigging books that are not to hard to come by.

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