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I am building the 1/60 Corel HMB Endeavour. I have questions about the finishing of the hull. Karl Heinz Marquardt's book states that sheathing of the lower hull was done with pitch, tar and sulphur. Not painted white. Sheathing below the waterline was done with fir planking. Would this have covered up the paying so you only see fir? Sides were payed with varnish. Would this have been a flat finish or would it have a slight gloss? Wales were blackened with tar. Any help would be good.

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There were two types of early "anti-fouling" type coatings used below the water line: White Stuff and Black Stuff. The White Stuff was used in colder waters, the Black Stuff in tropical climes. The Black Stuff was a dark brown to black color the White Stuff was an off white.


Vallejo Ivory 70918 in the Model Color line is suposted to be a good match for White Stuff.

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Hey mate how ya going

I recently built the amati adventure and it called for an off white colour called tallow .i found a book called ship modelling simplified by frank mastini ( great  book) i recommend it to all, but anyway the colour was white with 2 or three drops of black and 3 or drops of yellow ,i think it turned out great good luck.


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