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Syren Shipmodel gun carriage scales?

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hi all, can someone please tell me the scale of the laser cut gun carriages on Syren Shipmodelling. The measurements listed mean nothing to me i'm afraid. Can they be converted to 1:60 etc.






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Hi Chris

May I suggest you ask chuck himself or send him a pm he would probably be the best one to ask as he makes them



The clerk of the cheque's yacht of sheerness

Current build HMS Sirius (1797) 1:48 scratch POF from NMM plans

HMS Winchelsea by chuck 1:48

Cutter cheerful by chuck 1:48

Previous builds-

Elidir - Thames steam barge

Cutty Sark-Billings boats

Wasa - billings boats

Among others 😁


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Actually scale means nothing and the measurements are what you need.


It depends on what size you need for the ship you are working on.  If you are building a frigate at 1:64 scale and your frigate carried 12 pounders then my  1 29/64" barrels are fine.   If you are building a larger ship that carried 42 pounders then my larger size would be better.   


What are you building?  What scale.....and what size guns did she carry?  You can also download the drawing from my site (cannon page) and compare them to your plan to see if they match as well.



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Hey Chuck, thanks very much for your reply. Actually I am building the Amati Bounty 1:60. I am a long way off placing and rigging the cannons but it comes with pretty average metal ones which I really want to replace when the time comes.






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