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Fair American by Thedeacon - Model Shipways - 1/48 scale

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I just got started on my Fair American. It is my first build. I chose this model as I felt it would be a good learning experience and I have a great support group to turn to here on this forum. I am also a member of the Ship Model Society of NJ.  I began by inventory of all pieces. I then got up the courage to cut the rabbet. I then remopoved the bulkheads and checked for proper fit. My question is, If the bulkheads dot not land precisely on  the bearding line, how should I go about to adjust? Should I bring the Rabbet up higher? Should I drop the bulkheads down to meet the bearding line? Should I add woodfiller to the bulkheads  to meet the bearding line? My idea is to bring the bulkheads down by adjusting the joint but I then have a bulkbhead that is not quite fluch with the centerkeel pieace. I could add material to bring it flush but that changes the height of the bulkhead rails.

Your help is greatly appreciated.   







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Hello Thedeacon


 I am pretty certain that others more knowledgeable than I am will be filling you in soon, but I would hesitate in increasing the depth of the joint and lowering all the bulkheads. If you do that then your sub deck alignment will be off by that much at the top of the bulkheads.


The distance involved at each bulkhead appears so uniform that it seems like it is supposed to be that way, as if it is compensating for the first layer of planking.


Looking forward to what others have to say.



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12 minutes ago, Thedeacon said:


How do I message Ken W?


At the top of the page, the message icon is next to the globe. Click on this and it will open the Inbox window.  Then click on the Compose New button.  In the To area, type KenW and complete this section with your message  to him.  Then hit Send and Ken will receive an email that he has a message.  Definitely bring the model to the meeting next week as you will get plenty of help on solving the issue with the bulkheads.

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Did some work on the Fair American. I needed to modify the bulkheads as they were too short to reach down and touch the bearding line. The folks at my Ship model club, ( Ship Model Society Of NJ) had some great suggestions . Thanks you Mike, Chuck, Ozzie and all the rest of the members. I decided to add a wood shim to the bottoms and carve to shape. I will need to further smooth sand shape once these bulk heads are glued in place. I am in the process of glueing them to the keel now.

Thanks for all the help on this great forum!






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