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Hello friends,

im searching for books about the HMS VICTORY 

(im working on the caldercraft model) so i will  be more than happy to get some reviews from ship modelers 

also want to buy some books about the  Battle of Trafalgar

best regards ,


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1. The longridge book The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships.( scrath build victory )

2. Anatomy of the ship  HMS Victory

3. new periodship handbook. Keith Julier ( books is about building caldercraft victory)


These are the best I have found. own all and thy are great.


They are all available new or 2nd hand on Abe books Website.


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Hi Micheal,

I also recommend the books listed by Modoatman99, all of which are in my collection too - especially The New Period Ship Handbook without which I would have struggled even more than I have with my own build of Victory.

A couple of additions you might find interesting as much for details of the battle of Trafalgar itself as well as the ship are:

HMS Victory - Pocket Manual 1805 by Peter Goodwin

The Fighting Temeraire by Sam Willis. Although this book focuses on the Temeraire, which followed behind Victory into the battle (although it was actually planned to lead Nelson's ship!) the description of what happened is explained in a very readable and detailed way in chapter 7. Got my copy second hand on-line, it was originally on the shelves of Baltimore County Public Library.....

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THANK YOU Charter!

i just check the book "he New Period Ship Handbook"

and i saw that someone comment :

please tall me what do you think -

...you are building one of the ship models included. Even then, there is not likely to be much insight into a specific kit mentioned. All the subjects that would be of interest to a beginner are given short shrift and little in the way of expansion or illustration, and the comments regarding tools, glues and paints are so general as to be worthless. The few color panels are of completed models, but offer little in the way of detail or enlightenment. The photography isn't even that good. As a beginner to tall ship modeling, I wasted my money on this book. I feel mislead as the title and description implies that there is more here than the previous edition released just a year earlier. The "New" is of little value compared to the original Period Ship Handbook. Save your money and buy that one instead.

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I totally disagree with these comments. As a relative novice to building model ships, with only one previous model, Le Hussard, my approach throughout my build has been to read, and often re-read, the instructions, check the related section in The New Period Ship Handbook, look at how others have tackled the stage on this site and then to dive in and have a go based in what I've found out. It hasn't failed me yet.

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