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I'm just getting into model building.  I purchased the Bowdoin model from Blue Jacket about 15 years ago and am just now finding the time and inclination to work on it.  I've got the original paints (Floquil), but am finding I need some more colors to spruce up the details.  I was wondering what paints are everyone's favorite to use on wooden models and the britannia fittings?  I understand Floquil is out of business.  I don't mind spending money for quality paint!  This will be applied with brushes.  Thanks! 

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I like Delta Ceramcoat.  It’s usually ready to use out of the bottle and works beautifully for larger models.  It coats well and is acrylic, which makes for easy clean up.  The only downside is when painting brass and some plastics, you must put some kind of sealant on your model first.  For smaller scale models, the Ceramcoat works well, but Vallejo Model Color paints just can’t be beat.

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