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As time goes by

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Sometimes it is hard to fathom.


My name is Mark. I sign on as Serapis 1779, because it is that old Aeropiccola kit of HMS Serapis that motivated me to attempt building in wood, almost 40 years ago.


As a young adult and kid I built all kinds of plastic models, mainly because that was what was most easily avaible and obtainable. Back in those days there were hobby shops everywhere.


I describe myself as a newcomer to this group, but I just checked my profile and see that I joined in 2013. Five years have passed since then, but I resumed work on Serapis, which I bought in 1989, and didn't begin until 1997 or so and have worked on sporadically for 20 year


It was not until the first of April that I began working on it ever day.  Steady progress is being made.


I guess I had a lot of irons in the fire; other similar hobbies, priority projects, adult responsibilities, same as everyone.


As mentioned, I work on the Serapis every day, and visit the forum everyday.


I appreciate being part of this group and am grateful for all that it is possible to learn here.

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2 hours ago, mtaylor said:

Hi Mark,

I do hope you'll start a build log of your Serapis.   I vaguely remember that kit and I think I might have built it as kid.  Too many years, too many miles to remember, alas. 

I fully intend to share a build log.


I have been taking photos at regular intervals, and making notes. I plan and hope to share them at regular intervals when there is enough to show, and not be followed by a months long interval.



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