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Does Anyone Still Work at Caldercraft?


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I just visited Caldercraft's website as I have been doing for, oh, about a decade, looking for updated information about their new releases.


The "Latest News" section has literally not been updated in any way in, I believe, a decade or so.


They're apparently still working on HMS Surprise and the mystery 74 gun ship.


The real ships those models are based on were actually made in a much shorter time period.


I find their approach to the website amateurish and highly frustrating.


New kit development in this hobby can be measured by keeping track of where Jupiter is in its orbit around the sun.  It completes a revolution every 12 years.





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I'm afraid you are right. I suspect that they brought out a little too many models in a short period of time, some of which, although beautifully made, were rather uninteresting. It's a pity that HMS Surprise did not make it to the shelves, and now I suppose it's too late.  A 74 gun ship would still be selling well though.


I think there might be some financial issues and that's too bad.  They also ran an inquiry if I remember well, to know if their wood should be replaced with some better quality... and this may have induced some doubts about the quality of their current wood.



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