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Greetings from NYC


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Hi all, my name is Jacques and i'm from NYC (originally the Netherlands). 


I'm not fully new to modelling i've been doing this pretty much since the age of 7 (which was a very long time ago) anyway mostly plastic ships and planes for the most part. My dad build the wooden models. He even ran a modelling club at the school he taught at. He doesn't do that anymore as interest went to other things and he retired a few years ago. Anyway he certainly gave me the itch to do these myself.  Back in the day when I lived at home he frequently had me work with him so not fully devoid of skills. 


I started 10 years ago on wooden models. The 1st was abandoned as i realized i had not aligned the bulk heads well and i could not figure out how to fix.  The 2nd and 3rd i was able to finish. Currently about half way building the HMS President. Which is probably the biggest i've build so far. I certainly hope one day to be confident enough to build some of the bigger models but I think that's a few decades in the future. 


Biggest issue is that i'm in NYC and therefor have next to no space. No dedicated space anyway so i set up over the weekend and clean up again same day. I'll run afoul of the Missus if i didn't. Not to mention my cats who frequently eyeball me when i'm busy. Nothing i funner to them then trying to swipe a pair of tweezers or a file or a mast or spar on the floor. Admittedly the lack of space keeps me to smaller / less involved models as well. So for me it is a slow pace but I do enjoy thinking what next step to take and how. 


Anyway reason for being here is that i'm trying to take this hobby a bit more serious. I'm trying to find books and what not to read over best ways of doing certain things and what not. I enjoy greatly the logs and see what other people have done and overcome certain issues. 




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