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Hi Chris,


most of them were published by WAK, a Polish cardboard publisher:  Grosse Jacht, HMS "Badger", muleta de Seixal, trabaccolo, Allege d'Arles and the last one Viking boat "Gokstadskipet". I also had one kit in "Modelarstwo Okrętowe" - HMS "Speedy". As I'm a "paper" modeler, you can find some of my work on "paper" forums like "Papermodelers.com" as Seahorse.




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Hi, Tomek. I'm a member at papermodelers.com, so I will be sure to check out your work there. I haven't built any models directly from WAK, but I did build Marek's Pacynski's 1/33rd scale PZL.50 from eCardmodels, which was also published by WAK. I look forward to seeing some of your contributions here.



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