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I wanted to take a moment to say hello to everybody.


Let me start by saying that the skill that you all have is incredible.


I am not new to modeling in general. However, I have never done anything similar to this.  I just received the MS 18th Century Armed Longboat.  I thought that would be a good model to "cut my teeth" on.  I have already begun by transferring the bearding line and cutting in the rabbet.  I am sure that I will have many questions as I progress.  I only hope that I can turn out something that is a quarter as good as what I have seen on this site.


I feel that this is perhaps the best site that I have found and I am glad to become a new member.



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Thank you guys for the warm welcome.


Bilge Rat, I will consider starting a build log.  I am just a little self conscious about putting all my mistakes out there for the world to see...lol.  However, on the flip side it might help to keep me on track.  I can become side tracked pretty easily.  Oh look..... shiny!!



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Bilge Rat is job.  Mark is name.  :rolleyes:


We all are at first self-conscious about that.  But the advanced builders here are very willing to help and offer advice.  And I agree that a build log does keep you on track.    


I'll see your "Oh look.... shiny" and raise you "Oh look..  a shiny new quarter."  :P  I have the same problem.

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