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It has been a while.

Bill Hudson

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It has been quite some time since I last posted here. I am shutting down my studio for making miniatures (horse drawn carriages, etc) I also did the basic design for the Blue Jacket DE model several years ago. 

I am now 86 and need to down size and will probably have to live in an apartment so will have limited space. I would like to build a plank on frame Revenue Cutter but a small one not much l;longer than 18".  Any ideas?

Fall down nine times, get up ten.

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Hi Bill

It's not a Revenue Cutter, but have you considered the Swift Virginia Pilot Boat 1805 1:50 Scale Artesania Latina Kit? It is a big scale yet small ship. Should fit into an apartment, and can be built with only hand tools. No need for big shop tools.

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Build logs: Colonial sloop Providence 1/48th scale kit bashed from AL Independence

Currant builds:

Constructo Brigantine Sentinel (Union) (On hold)

Minicraft 1/350 Titanic (For the Admiral)

1/350 Heavy Cruiser USS Houston (Resin)

Currant research/scratchbuild:

Schooner USS Lanikai/Hermes

Non ship build log:

1/35th UH-1H Huey


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