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Hello all from sunny Southern California (Sept-May) and not so sunny northern Saskatchewan, Canada (June-August). I'm a newbie to the group and returning to model ship building after a 27 year hiatus. I built my first model many years ago while my 'future' wife was finishing up her degree and I needed something to do while she studied. As I suspect most Canadians in the group will understand, I started with the Bluenose (Billing). After 8 months of trial by error (pre-internet), I was quite happy with the result. I did give the Vasa (Billing) a whirl a year or so later, but the uncompleted hull was destroyed in a move. After that I gave up the hobby. Well, many years, a bunch of moves and 2 fully educated kids later, I'm getting back on the horse. Nothing like diving into the deep end, so I started the HMS Agamemnon (Caldercraft) last weekend - so far so good... Hoping to get a little guidance from those wiser than I from time to time.


All the best,


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