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British lighthouse plans


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Hi All, 

Does anyone happen to know where I can lay my hands on construction plans for British lighthouses?

I've found a reference to Stevenson collection that apparently has some Scottish lighthouse drawings, here: https://www.nls.uk/collections/maps/collections/special-collections#stevenson

But I can't find an index, nor any info on how to get access. I've emailed them, but haven't heard back yet. Physically going to London or Edinburgh isn't a problem.


I'm just considering building a scale model... Not sure which one, but probably Rubha nan Gall (I love it out there on Mull) or similar.



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Hi Anthony, 

I did, but strange thing, lighthouses listed on their website are all in the south, far from all of those in England and Wales, although supposedly they are the overall general authority. And they don't cover Scotland at all, as far as I understand. Greenwich might have something, or the British Library, but so far I haven't found anything.


Thanks anyway, 


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1 hour ago, RPaul said:

Missed that one, thanks, although I've been to that website. Still, no plans, only history.

I would contact them, as the standing authority for lighthouses they're most likely to have plans, even if they're not publicly offering them on their site. And wouldn't enough good photographs serve the purpose? If you know the height of the lighthouse from standard data, you could scale everything from good quality photos.

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I'm still planning to do it - I found some docs for it listed in an archive in Edinburgh for the lighthouse i want to build, but I can't tell what's on them, since they're not digitised. The only way to find out is to go there at some point. I also took a gazillion photos of it when I was passing by. Them alone ought to be enough, it's just that plans would save me the time on figuring dimensions out.

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That's a good point, will give it a try. The irony is that I live just across the border in the Northwest, but the ticket there and back will still cost me as much as a small kit. At the end of the day I'll end up either biting the bullet, or thinking something up at work that'll take me to Edinburgh with a day to spare...

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