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Mamoli HMS Victory 1/90

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My momma told me no question is stupid, here we go.

Have completed plan #1 & #2 on mamoli's victory had a minor error on the stern gallery and had to redo all went well.


Question starting plan #3  start of planking: it calls for #83 & 84 lime MEAS 1,5X5 the 1X5 is width and thickness the other 5 is confusing can someone explain to a mentally defecient modeler as my self the 2nd 5.



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Try replacing the "'," with "." and it'll make more sense:  1.5X5 - It is just a different notation for the decimal point.  Definitely not a stupid question, just a translation issue.


By the way -  it'd be great if you could start a build log for your work.  We love to see other builders progress around these parts!




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Hello, John, and welcome aboard!  Grew up in Connecticut - lived in Groton for many years.  Glad to see folks from the old stomping grounds!  Ditto what Bob suggested - start a build log when you get a chance.  It is a great way to learn from the folks here.

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Hello fellows , I'm a retired VIetnam Vet and have started a Mamoli HMS Victory a year ago and due to a move have recently created my new shop and began at the ship , I'm only at the deck planking ,my problem  is that I have misplaced the construction plans , I have table 1and 2 and a full sheet drawing which I imagine a can work my way through if necessary   Was wondering where I could get a complete set of plans ... I live in Marin co. Cal  , near Sausalito .. 

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PLEASURE  to meet you , i am new to this space , still trying to navigate and will provide a profile when i can figure out how, 

i guess a ship log is in order ,  


looking forward to working on this model , i have attempted others  , but unable to complete them , working and my wife and i raising 3 daughters


kids are grown , unfortunately separated from wife now , but now have a wonderful shop and plenty of time , retired electrician ,,,


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I'll exempt you just do not look like you could ever be cranky. ;)

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