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  1. Been able to spend some time , I've had to remove and replace something's , don't want to wait til it's too late to repair things lol
  2. How do I post pictures of the build , I'm still trying to navigate this site , but looking forward to many days on board
  3. started my HMS Victory a year ago and had to set it aside til recently , looking forward to starting my log , and following you...

    1. Zarkon


      Thanks for following my build log! I'm leaning a lot about this hobby with this ship. 


      I am looking forward to your build log! I would like to see how you are building your Victory!

    2. John the rotten

      John the rotten

      Thanks for the message , still in the process of trying  to navigate this space and start the log

  4. Morning boys , using the  term loosely, i'm a young 71 , been turned out to more peaceful pastures recently , they  say divorce is expensive because its worth it ... looking forward to the peace and quiet of retirement  and finally being able to work on the Victory.....

    Also looking forward to the help from you guys , I've learned a long time ago to trust those who have gone before you ....

    How do you post your profile and introduction , any girls do this stuff haha...

  5. PLEASURE to meet you , i am new to this space , still trying to navigate and will provide a profile when i can figure out how, i guess a ship log is in order , looking forward to working on this model , i have attempted others , but unable to complete them , working and my wife and i raising 3 daughters kids are grown , unfortunately separated from wife now , but now have a wonderful shop and plenty of time , retired electrician ,,,
  6. Hello fellows , I'm a retired VIetnam Vet and have started a Mamoli HMS Victory a year ago and due to a move have recently created my new shop and began at the ship , I'm only at the deck planking ,my problem is that I have misplaced the construction plans , I have table 1and 2 and a full sheet drawing which I imagine a can work my way through if necessary Was wondering where I could get a complete set of plans ... I live in Marin co. Cal , near Sausalito ..
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