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Independence by MtZigg - Artesania Latina

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Started my 1st ship.The Independence by Artesania Latina.I have been building models for ever and always wanted to do one.

It was picked up from a secondhand store that was with a bunch of other stuff for $30.00 USD. To my horror but really no surprise the keel and bulwarks were gone.

It almost went in the trash after seeing that awful transom plate and the price of a full kit.
Thanks to DocBlake's build log and beautiful build and all the other logs I came across. I decided to buck up and get the full kit.
No problem found a new kit and making templates for the missing pieces. So in the end I will have 2 of these to complete. It will be slow going for me.
BUT I will finish at least one of them just because it took for ever to find anyone that completed this ship.So thanks all you never quitters.
I dove right in and got off to a bad start but its salvageable. Got a few books and joined a lot of forums and have lots of good help.
Looking forward to new online  community friends and great talents to learn my way around the wooden ship world. It will be a few weeks till I can really get back to this got to get the garden in and a deck on the house. forgot to link to DocBlakes build here it is https://modelshipworld.com/topic/12895-independence-1775-by-docblake-artesania-latina-516-scale/





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Haven't given up.Just busy ;-)

Been reading a lot of other build logs and seeing tons of ideas.Lots of talent  and creative artistry here.

I now own an extensive library of books Thanks Ebay saved hundreds of $ on used books.Also found an old Bluejacket constitution kit from the 70's at a yard sale But it has only one plan sheet 24x36. has lots of wood and a box with a lot of detail parts that was unopened.The hull looks like it has been sanded some from what I've seen from some newer unboxing vids for 10$. So I think I scored big time from the prices i saw for a BJ kit ;-).So i know what my next project will be.Have too see how to get some instructions  somewhere.Noway with my knowledge of the hobby at this time to wing it ;-)

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Glad to see you started a log.  Looks like you got off to. A great start.






Current Build:  

Washington 1776 Galley

Pilot Boat Mary of Norfolk

Completed Builds:

Continental Boat Providence   (from Completed Gallery)  (from MSW Build)

Continental Ship Independence  (from Completed Gallery)  (from MSW Build)

Rattlesnake   (from Completed Gallery)  (from MSW Build)

Armed Virginia Sloop  (from Completed Gallery)

Fair American (from Completed Gallery)  (from MSW Build Log)


MemberShip Model Society of New Jersey

                  Nautical Research Guild

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Well 2 months late but I finely got to work on it a little'

Got it all faired. Don't know if I was in a noobee rush or what happened.

The bow section was crooked hence the extra blocks.

Gonna start  the first layer of planking. I am kinda at a stand off with myself on doing the counter planking first and plank to it or visa versa any input is appreciated.

Here are a few pics of my progress.

Sure hope my anal retentiveness  don't get me in the end. (scuzzz the pun}

Its my  1st and sort of a practice one.

Also got this after I saw it and mentioned it to my brother in law.Slipway from Hobbyzone.

He said he has a ship somewhere I can have if he finds it Like the slipway still in the box.


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