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Can someone tell me what the function of this piece is?  It looks like it might be used to help with the longboats. It is hung off the outside edge of the midship channel. There is a hook on one end and slides into a hole on a bracket that is attached to the channel. At the aft side of the same channel there is another bracket that the pole just seems to “snap” into. So it is definitely meant to be taken on and off. 


I made one for each side as per the plans but don’t really know why. 😳



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They are Stun'sl booms. they are swung out from the ships side to allow extra sails called Stunsails to be attached between them and similar booms mounted on the yards above  for extra sail area given suitable weather conditions. If you Google Stunsails you will find a good description of their function.



Gary (Ensign)

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