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  1. Got a little further. Built and wired the stern lanterns, attached the gun port lids and the poop deck along with the top rails. The lanterns some night time photos of lanterns lit up gun port lids and the poop deck and a couple more night shots Tom
  2. Jack, that is great. Looking forward to seeing you. I still have another year left on the Leopard. My goal is to have it there next year. Tom
  3. Hi Jack. Thanks for the like. Will I be having lunch with you again at the conference in April? I plan on going.
  4. Who needs CNC machinery and lasers when you have a gift like the talent Doris possesses. I am just going to sit back and stare for a while. Tom
  5. I haven’t posted in a while but I have been doing a lot of “lurking”. I have been busy making both the poop and forecastle decks along with the top rails. Also managed to get the ships bell, stove pipe and some grates on the f’castle deck. I made about 35 belaying pins. That was a bit of a pain but figured it out using my “drill” lathe. I am not sure what is more fun and challenging; building the model or coming up with ways to make things on a shoestring budget. 😁 here are are some pics of my progress. Tom
  6. Looking forward to it again. It is always good to see internet friends and fellow modelers in person. Tom
  7. Doris, You are on your own level. I don't think I have ever seen such detail on any model at this scale. I just am in awe of your talents. Tom
  8. Hello Doris, I just came across this build and I am speechless. I don't think this can be called a model anymore. I am thinking more like a piece of art. Your talent and attention to detail is on a level all its own. Thank you for sharing your methods and giving us something to aspire to. Tom
  9. Ronald, Here are some toothed blades that will fit an exacto handle. www.hobbylinc.com/zona-33-replacement-blades-5-hobby-and-model-knife-blade-39-925 Here is a small hand saber saw that might also work. www.hobbylinc.com/zona-saber-saw-set-hobby-razor-saw-35-450 Tom
  10. Hello all. I hope everyone who celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday enjoyed themselves. Got a little more done over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The quarter deck and gang boards are in place. Now I am making the 6 pounder canons and carriages. Tom Just noticed that I left a couple of temporary supports under the starboard gang boards when I took the pic. Oops. Also not to happy with the gap in the center of the deck boards. Sticks out like a sore thumb in the picture. Luckily that area will be covered by the forecastle deck so it will not be that obvious. I may just put a bit of filler in there to help conceal it anyway.
  11. Hi Mark, I don't know about flying along but thank you for the compliment. I seem to be working on it in spurts which I guess is better than not working on it at all. Tom
  12. Got the upper deck cannons mounted and rigged. Now I will go back and work on the quarter deck and see how that will fit up with this deck. Tom
  13. I am pulling up a chair... this will be a good one I am sure. Tom

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