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I have a Keel Klamper which is O.K., but need something sturdier so the ship can be held in place while I am working on it.  I jury rigged one but didn't really work that well as the stern section kept lifting when I was gluing/nailing the deck down.  Any ideas/hints would be appreciated.

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Hi Shortgrass,

Take a look at some of the pics in my build log for the Leopard.  I just use 4 small blocks screwed to a piece of board.  On the blocks is a pool noodle that I cut off 4 pieces about 2 -3 inches long and then sliced them down one side the long way.  Placed these on top of the blocks and the boat nestles in quite nicely.  After a while the foam starts to take the shape of the hull which holds it even better.  You can get fancy with adjustable blocks for different widths but it really isn't necessary if you are going to be working on a single model for a while.  The whole thing costs less than $5 using scrap wood I already had.



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26 minutes ago, Jim Rogers said:

The Hobbyzone Professional dock is awesome.

I’m really tempted to pick one up after I saw the review. Is there anything you don’t like about it?

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You should be able to rotate your model 360 degrees and lock it in when working however dependent on the size of your model you will need to attach taller end pieces to accomplish complete rotation. We just used two brackets that came with the unit and extended the ends. Worked great, still rock solid lock. I also have the Amati keel stand and this is heads and shoulders above that unit.


Jim Rogers


Damn the Torpedoes , Full speed ahead.   Adm David Farragut.

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