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Syren Winnie Bulkhead Sets- When will next run be?


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Soon....But you have so many builds going on and wont start a build log anyway.  Maybe you can wait a bit so the guys who are starting a log now and wanting to start the Winnie immediately can have first pick at it.   Most of the sets sold so far are going to folks not starting a log or even starting the build for months to come.  I am a bit salty about that.   We have at least 30 guys waiting to get started immediately.  They should have first crack it.   O may have to restrict sales to those folks who have started a log or want to get started immediately.   


I would please ask that if you are not going to start the projects for several months let the other guys buy the sets now.   Its the righteous thing to do. Otherwise they will just sit in your shop for about a year.....gathering dust.



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