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Viking by lukashko - Artesania Latina - 1/75

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Hello guys.

I finally came around to starting a thread for my first ever wooden ship build. It's the Viking by Artesania Latina. I've actually started working on it about a month ago, but life kinda got in a way - I traveled a bit, got engaged, everyday stuff like that. :)


First things first - I really apologize for any improper terminology - I am new around ships and English is not my native language. I'd appreciate being corrected, though - I'm always glad to learn something new!


So, I finished the first couple of steps (the really easy ones) and sanded the ribs, prow and stern for planking. Here is what it looks like right now.



Some detail



What do you guys think? Does it look prepared for planking to you? What should I adjust?

I'd like to do things right if possible (or, well, as right as I'll be able), so any advice is very welcome.


Now, I'm going to research planking some, as the instructions in the kit are quite vague. :)

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Update! Yay!


I started the planking process right after I posted the last update, but I only got to it on and off for a few minutes at a time since and my progress is very slow.

I'm about halfway up on one side and just started the other. It is definitely far from perfect, but I hope with a bit of sanding and putty/filler I'll be able to achieve a smooth surface. So far I used whole planks, but I'm gonna need to do some cutting/shaping on the rest as it's becoming way too curved.



The one thing I am afraid I might have ruin is the "nose". I think I didn't bend the planks enough at the end. Is there a way to shape just the tips to conform better and not stick out so much? There will be a "keel" inserted, but I still guess it should be tighter.

Unfortunately, the instructions are very vague (including the pictures) and I'm unsure as to how to shape the wood in a more efficient manner...


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I am not certain you can shape once the planks are on but if you remove them and replank then soaking the planks before bending and heat can both work well. There are also plank benders out there that work with varying degrees (I have used several in the past the one I 'like' best scores the inside of the plank allowing you to not only curve but also angle it - I will try and find out the name tonight).


The simplest for someone unfamiliar is to soak the plank first and even pre-bend it round another item that follows roughly the shape that you are after (I have used a playmoblil boat in the past and bowls). If you don't mind the holes pinning it on whilst it dries also assists.


Your work doesn't look at all bad (especially for someone just starting) and you will be amazed how much post sanding can help (you may have to fill as well as sometimes post sanding can open gaps).


Excellent covered everything but nothing in this post so probably utterly unhelpful...

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Hey Matrim.


I did soak the planks for quite some time, then shaped them on the hull skeleton itself, using pins and clamps to keep them in place and glued them once they were dried. I did not know how much I'd need to bend the tips and when I realised that "more than I had" was the answer, I did not have a good way to bend the very ends of the planks as I feared I'd break them.

I will experiment some more - I probably just need to try how much I can bend the soaked plank without breaking and then work from that... And if the results won't be satisfactory, I'll look into benders.


You are right that it starts to look like I'll have to replank the few I've already done to adjust the ends, so I'll try something new.


Thanks for your advice - it certainly IS helpful. ;)

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Makes a change.. It is always risky wettening and hoping the plank dries in the correct shape as wood can do strange things when drying.. One advantage to shaping off model is that you can apply hair dryers (and the like ) to speeding up the drying and I have managed to curve ebony with this method which is not easy.


If you have the time then I strongly recommend looking through one of the pinned planking topics. The one I list below has links to some excellent tutorials where you can probably grab some techniques...


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