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  1. Is that patttern original or authentic? It doesn't look like any other layout I've seen.
  2. As a new member trying to catch up on everything, what was the big crash? Cause? Extent of damages? Didn't members keep BUs of site to allow restoration of logs?
  3. If I may offer my two cents so to speak, in the end, you're the builder, the Captain, the quality control officer, and it becomes a matter of what is acceptable to you. Those viewing your model will never know what mistakes you made, what you corrected, what is historically correct. What you will take away is what you learned and what you will apply to the next one. That "Holy Grail" of perfection will always be there to seek. I know! I have followed it many years on so many things I have built!
  4. Making my own blocks and rope I am greatly interested in. And I would like to obtain whatever equipment or tools needed. I'm 67 so not fully in on mass production yet. And I would love to obtain copies of your plans before they're no longer available.
  5. You should never get any hate mail about this decision! I know how a hobby can grow into a business myself! I turned my woodworking hobby into a business making flag boxes, retirement plaques and other Navy plaque awards years ago while in the Navy! I loved it, but it was a stress at times. I even had some senior personnel telling me I shouldn't charge for my work emplying I should make them for free! I only used solid hand picked mahogany for everything. Brass items, klock kits, and engraved brass plates aren't cheap! So I completely understand where you are coming from!
  6. Hi Chuck, I am coming into this hobby fairly new. While attempting to absorb as much information as possible, I am not familiar with block sizes in mm scale to actual model scales such as 1/50, 1/65 or so forth. I would like to purchase some of these before they are gone. Can you educate me on these? I am also very much interested in your proposed idea of teaching us how to make these! I would like to do this! Please keep me on your list for this and let me know what equipment I would need.
  7. EI believe he's referring to the displacement of wood fibers laterally as the plank is compressed around the form. The minor distortion can lead to gaps as progressive planks are laid next to each other. It can be corrected by light sanding to true up the plank to actual dimensions.
  8. Try EBay. I bought two on there based on recommendations from other builders. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Aeropiccola-Ralt-RA-5-Plank-Bender-for-Model-Ship-Building/174601642404?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 This one was highly recommended.
  9. I have seen some builds where they repeated this 2 or 3 times to get the plank right.
  10. Just my two cents. But ships store anchor ropes and chains in line lockers below deck and not in direct contact with the bilges. Bilges are usually wet and contaminated with chemicals that would rot and destroy anchor ropes and chains stored in direct contact for long periods of time. I suggest a detail missing is such an open locker on the lowest deck for containing the ropes and chains dry and protected from the bilges.
  11. Thanks for the heads up on the hawse pipes! You will have to post pictures.
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