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Right angle attachment

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Does anyone know or have tried to mate a Dremel right angle attachment to Proxxon mototool? I know Proxxon has a right angle grind/polisher tool but it’s about $140 bucks and wouldn’t be used often enough to justify purchasing one. Any attempted hacks?



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This is switching to a new lens with a broader view:


MicroMark is a US agent for a line of DC powered tools from Kaleas Minitool , a German company.

In the US marketed as the Micro-Make brand. 

One of the tools is a  MicroLux® Heavy-Duty Right Angle Disk Sander / Drill.  The  power of the sander is greater than one would expect.

There is a 3-jaw chuck for it, for drill bits, I have not tried that function.  The tool is a box instead of a rod in shape.

Certainly not inexpensive,  it requires saving a lot of box tops.  It is about the best power tool that I have found for sanding inside a POF hull.


If you are drilling inside a hull and the bit size is #60 or smaller,  there are a lot of inexpensive DC motors - small to very small and some have 3-jaw chucks - mini chucks.

AliExpress - a Chinese agent for a bunch of their mfg - has a lot of choices for motors.   I have not needed  anything from there since the trade war began - no idea about its effect.

Marlin P. Jones is a US supplier of small DC motors and a very useful =  selectable output DC bench power supply for under $20 - the range is six levels from 3V to 12V.

This is an easy way to control the speed.  The motors are small enough that if you can get your hand in, it will work.  The small gage of the power wires - they do not get in the way.

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