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Thread sizes for home made ropes

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Dear all


Having spend a lot of time making rope I d like to share my experience. I ve made many rope sizes using all of DMC range as well as a few others. This is what I came up with.


Left Twist: Petra, Perle

Right Twist: Cebelia, Babylo, Cordonnet, Mara


one ball Cordonnet 40 makes about 22 m of rope



Petra 3, 1x3---1.46 mm

Petra 5, 1x3---1.18 mm

Petra 8, 1x3---0.88 mm

Petra 8, 2x3---1.25 mm

Cebelia 10, 1x3---1.06 mm

Cebelia 10, (1x3)x3, 2 mm

Babylo 40, 2x3---0.9 mm

Perle 5, 3x3---2.1 mm

Perle 5, 2x3---1.72 mm

Perle 8, 1x3---0.81 mm

Perle 8, 2x3---1.25 mm

Perle 12, 1x3---0.63 mm

Perle 12, 2x3---0.94 mm

Cordonnet 20, 1x3---0.61 mm

Cordonnet 20, 2x3---1.12 mm

Cordonnet 40, 2x3---1.04 mm

Cordonnet 60, 2x3---0.87 mm

Cordonnet 60, 3x3---1.08 mm

Cordonnet 80, 2x3---0.82 mm

Cordonnet 100, 2x3---0.7 mm

Cotton/linen yarn, 2x3---2.3 mm (too fuzzy)

100% cotton yarn, 2x3---2.3 mm (Too fuzzy)



Mara 30, 1x3---0.81 mm

Mara 30, 2x3---1.06 mm

Mara 30, 3x3---1.43 mm

Mara 70, 2x3---0.77 mm

Mara 70, 3x3---0.94 mm

Mara 120, 2x3---0.56 mm



Linen 40/2, 1x3---0.66 (Irregular, bad rope)

Dual Duty XP, 4x3---1.6 mm (bad rope)

Dual Duty plus, (1x3)x3, 1.6 mm (bad rope)

Cottolin 22/2, 3x3---1.9 mm (quite fuzzy)


This is how 230 m of scale rope looks like!



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