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Furling sails

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Use silkspan, not silk but a light paper like covering used by model airplane builders.  For furled sails on my recently completed longboat I taped it to an open frame like a picture frame.  I then sprayed it with thinned acrylic paint before cutting out my sails.



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Finding sails that are of scale thickness in woven cloth is difficult.  Silkspan is a great substitute in general but high thread count bed sheets or pillow cases (800 or more TPI) look good and if they are to be furled, you can cut them short so they are not too bulky when furled.    


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Do a bit of searching on the Forum, the various techniques and options for materials have been discussed before here.


Just to make it clear, there is/used to be finely woven silk (silkspan in the USA, but this may be product name) and silk-paper for covering model aircraft wings and other parts. Both materials can make useful sails and have their pros and cons. It depends inter alia on the scale one is working in. A substitute for 'silkspan' may be also the fabric that is used for screen-printing, but I have no practical experience with it. It seems to be easier to get than 'silkspan' these days.



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