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mary celeste

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Raymond & ragove,


There actually is a kit of the Mary Celeste, made by Steingraeber, a company that I'm fairly certain is no longer in business. I bought the kit at a hobby shop

in Denver, Colorado, in 1974 (I was employed there at the time) and have worked on it on and off between moves ever since. Dang thing is nearly complete now.

Anyway, here are a couple photos of the model and kit box. The instructions that came with the kit are terrible so I had to do a lot of research and I think the result

on the build is about 25% actual and the rest artistic license, based on similar type ships that I've seen on this site. I know a lot of what I did is entirely not how she

actually was.


Ragove, that's way cool about your distant cousin owning that ship! Do you have any more info on it, such as a photograph or two?

Mary Celeste 10.jpg

Mary Celeste 11.jpg

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“Ragove, that's way cool about your distant cousin owning that ship! Do you have any more info on it, such as a photograph or two?“

no photos I’m afraid. I read a book about the ship and it mention her owners near the end of her life. One was a Captain Gove (I don’t recall the first name now). There was enough info to find him in “The History and Genealogy of the Family of Gove” an extensive book on our family.  Turns out I’m also a very distant cousin of Mark Twain, we are both descendants of one Edward Gove who came to Massachusetts in the 1640s. Edward Gove was also a very interesting character. Google his name.

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Raymond, you're very welcome indeed.


Ragove, I read about Edward Gove and yup, an interesting character - roundabout way to get rid of a governor but he eventually succeeded! Thanks for that bit of history.

My ancestors arrived in New Jersey in 1650 and gradually migrated west, all the way to western Nebraska. Somewhere along the way we became related to Daniel Boone's

sister Sarah. Now, it seems, I've migrated most of the way back again!


More info on the Mary Celeste:



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I haven't looked at this thread for a couple years. 😐

To open the link above one needs to sign up for the Telegraph.  I guess the paper needs to make a living.

Fascinating story about the Mary Celeste; we may never know what happened.



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